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Pelvic Floor and More

Relationships, Sex and Endometriosis written by Niva Herzig, PT

Part 1: as seen on Imagine having abdominal pain. Imagine having pelvic pain. Imagine having Vaginal or Rectal pain.  Imagine having low back pain or hip pain.  What if you have one or all of these for a week per...

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Self-Compassion by Niva Herzig, PT

Self-compassion: we give to others but what about giving to oneself? Often, we think we are alone in our suffering: I hear it from patients’ weekly comments such as “am I the only you have seen with this?” We know issues such as chronic pain, abuse, divorce, love and...

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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! Niva Herzig, PT

In my physical therapy practice, part of my mission statement is allowing women to be heard.  We want to listen to them and they need to be heard.  On average, patients are interrupted in the first 11 seconds they speak.  From my first year of practicing pelvic floor...

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Reviving your Sex Life after Cancer By Rebecca Marcus, DPT

So you have been through the big C word.  You survived it.  Chemotherapy.  Radiation.  Surgery.  Now what?  Life should be the same.  But, really is it?    Asking if you can complain about sex, when a few months ago you were afraid of dying?  Cancer is terrible.  Life...

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Bowel 101 By Rebecca Marcus, DPT

No one ever taught you how to poop?  Sometimes we need help to relearn basic functions like how to go, and that’s ok because there is a specialized field of physical therapy that does just that!  Let’s start with digestion, you eat food, your saliva begins to break...

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Be A Mom! By Rebecca Marcus, DPT

                        As a mother of two, and having the clinical experience of treating postpartum moms every day, I can say I have some advice to all new mom’s and moms to be:) All moms know we will do...

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