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Be A Mom! By Rebecca Marcus, DPT

                        As a mother of two, and having the clinical experience of treating postpartum moms every day, I can say I have some advice to all new mom’s and moms to be:) All moms know we will do...

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Self Care by Niva Herzig, PT

Lately I have been thinking about self-care and the importance of it in my life, in the life of my friends and my patients too. Well first of all, what is self-care?  Is it taking a time out?  Is it eating healthy? Is it going to a movie? Is it getting a massage? Is...

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Why Women are in Need of Pelvic PT! by Niva Herzig, PT

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a highly growing specialty. When I was a physical therapy student, not many in my class showed interest in this area.   Now clinical affiliations are sought out by PT students, clinics are searching for PTs to treat pelvic floor...

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Some of our Faves: a resource guide, by Rebecca Marcus DPT

And for our blog’s grand opening, sorry we won’t be giving out freebies, but we will be sharing information about the products we love! Have pelvic pain with sitting?  The typical donut cushion does not provide the appropriate pressure relief needed by most patients...

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Our Breath by Rebecca Marcus, DPT

"If You Can't Breathe, You Can't Function." Recently, I completed a 3 day course by Dr. Mary Massery all about breathing. What does breathing have to do with pelvic floor rehab? Think of a soda pop can; it's a closed system. The carbonation>atmospheric pressure,...

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Hygiene by Niva Herzig, PT

How can proper hygiene help ease some of your pelvic issues?  Well here are some great tips! Vulvar Disorders: Perfumes, dyes and materials can be irritating to anyone but for dealing with burning, itching or recurring infections in the Vulva or Vestibule these...

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