In my physical therapy practice, part of my mission statement is allowing women to be heard.  We want to listen to them and they need to be heard.  On average, patients are interrupted in the first 11 seconds they speak.  From my first year of practicing pelvic floor physical therapy, I know I was learning more from my patients.  Their stories guide us toward their treatment plan, both physically and emotionally.  Letting them speak will give us more than answers; it allows a trust to be built.

Many of women with Endometriosis have been searching for answers for many years; some since their teenage years.  Some have been shamed and ignored.  Some dismissed as psychologically unstable.  Many are told to just live with what they have.  The least we can do is listen to them.  The least we can do is acknowledge their symptoms, their pain as real.  Endometriosis is real and deserves more attention and better treatment to our patients.

I want women with Endometriosis to leave my clinic knowing someone can work with them.  They can share freely and not be shamed on how they feel.  I want to hear their dreams and goals.  I want them to have a plan that is directed towards their goals.  I want them to know they have support. I want them to be heard.

Part of my passion is to give women the ability to do activities they enjoy.  Movement is a crucial part of their rehabilitation in our physical therapy clinic.  Movement therapy and exercise are beneficial in many ways.  Looking forward to sharing some movement during the Endometriosis Summit on March 3rd, 2019.

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