What to expect?

Pelvic health issues may arise at any age and in any gender

Pelvic health can encompass symptoms related to the entire pelvic region (Bladder, Bowel, Reproductive Organs) however can stem from other areas in the body (ie.hips, spine, etc.).

Pelvic health symptoms are common, however not normal nor are they something you need to live with!  We are here to confirm what you have been feeling and stop all the shaming and dismissing you have heard and felt.

Do not wait any longer to get started with our specialists in pelvic health.

Contact us at 201-568-5060 to set up your initial evaluation.

During the first appointment, we will discuss your medical history thoroughly so we can best understand your needs and what brought you to our office. Your appointment will take place in a private treatment room with an experienced, licensed pelvic floor physical therapist.

After reviewing the history, mechanism of injury, symptoms and other important information, you will undergo an examination. An examination will include palpation of muscles and connective tissue, joint mobility assessment, neural (nerve) assessment, posture assessment and when needed, assess the hips and spine.  With your consent, an assessment of the pelvic floor muscles is completed by internal examination. We understand this may be a sensitive topic to discuss and we assure that you are being treated by professionals focusing their practice solely to these types of issues.

Once the examination is completed, we will discuss our findings, review the anatomy and its relationship to your symptoms and create a treatment plan. We urge you not to delay setting up your initial evaluation. It is our experience that earlier intervention allows for quicker healing.

We believe in working as a team, so we would be happy to contact your referring physician and other health professionals you may request.

Our Commitment to you


Safe environment

You will be treated in a private room for most or all of your session instead of behind a curtain or in an open gym.


Professional care

Our therapists have years of experience in this field and are higly competent in pelvic health; they have spent years furthering their education specifically regarding pelvic health.


Patient friendly administration

Well actually, our therapists act as the administration. You will be able to speak directly to them instead of someone who may not completely understand this process.


One on one time with your therapist

Your time in our clinic is exactly what that is. You will be the only one scheduled instead of needing to share your clinician with other patients at the same time.


Treatment plan for your care

We create a plan according to your goals and your current level of function instead of letting outside sources run the plan.


Achieving your goals

You will see changes and we will work with you on realistic small goals to get to the final goal instead of rushing you or discharging too soon.


Communication through patient portal and phone

https://pteverywhere.com/PtE/coredynamicspt is our patient portal which allows you to message your clinician.  For all of the scheduling needs, please call and speak to us directly (201-568-5060).


Up to date PT treatments

Our care goes beyond the clinic. We attend courses, conferences, webinars to stay on top of your best care.


Resources and Referrals

We believe in supporting the patient and providing them with resources and referrals. We know we are part of your team.  We strive to connect with colleagues of all types and educate you about the products available to get you the best results.


Communication with your referring physician

We are happy to communicate with anyone on the team!