Quick answers for the most commons questions


What to expect my first visit?


Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment.  We are committed to our scheduled times! The initial visit runs about 60 minutes with your physical therapist.  Your health history will be reviewed as well as history leading to your primary complaint.  A complete physical therapy examination will be performed including tests and measures necessary to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis and prognosis. It may be necessary to have my therapist perform an internal pelvic floor muscle examination. This examination is performed by observing and/or ­palpating the perineal region including the vagina and/or rectum. This evaluation will assess skin condition, reflexes, muscle tone, length, strength and endurance, scar mobility and function of the pelvic floor region.

What should I bring to my first visit and how long are the visits?

This appointment is about you, the new patient!  We want to hear your story and your goals.

Please have all new patient forms (registration and health history) completely filled out in our Patient Portal. If a prescription  was given to you by your physician bring that along.  If there is any other information you want to share with your physical therapist (ie. MRI reports, surgical reports, etc) make to sure to bring that too or upload into your patient portal. Comfortable clothing is recommended, however not necessary.  


Initial evaluation is 60 minutes and follow up treatments are 45 minutes. Late arrivals will shorten your visit. Your sessions are all one on one with the same physical therapist.  Most patients are seen 1 time per week while others every few weeks.

Why choose Core Dynamics Physical Therapy?

*Better Care: The physical therapists at Core Dynamics Physical Therapy have approximately 3 decades combined experience for pelvic health alone!  Our focus is on the patient. We listen and acknowledge all the patient has gone through prior to walking to our office.  Your care goes beyond our office.  We attend conferences and educational workshops throughout the year to keep up with research and best treatments.  We run through case studies to be able to offer more ideas.  We prepare for your visits before, during and after the session.  We are ready to fill you with support and resources!

*We offer in person sessions when you need our one on one attention. We strive for you to become independent quickly and reduce visits which means less time spent in clinics and less financial output. 

*Our patient portal allows for quick communication with your physical therapist. 

Do I need a prescription?
New Jersey there is a direct access state. Direct access means the removal of the physician referral mandate by state law to access physical therapists’ services for evaluation and treatment. However, there are certain insurance companies that will not pay or allow treatment unless the services are deemed medically necessary. This usually means a prescription or referral from the medical doctor to deem the physical therapy session medically necessary.
How can I become a new patient or schedule returning visits?

Please call our office for all scheduling purposes. 201-568-5060.


What if I want to use my insurance?

In order to provide the best and appropriate care and be completely focused on our patients, we choose to remain non participating/non contracted with insurance companies. We are non-par providers with Medicare, which means we are able to treat people with Medicare.  We unfortunately cannot treat Medicaid.

We provide a detailed superbill after each visit. A superbill is your invoice which can be submitted to your insurance. 

Initial Evaluation (60 min): $235

Treatment Sessions (45 min): $186


Do you treat men?

Yes! We welcome all genders.