When we talk about #healthylifestyle and #selfcare we must address our body, mind and spirit.

As a #pelvicphysicaltherapist, I’ll start off with the body and since it is considered our vehicle.
I tell my patients I like to hear their story as I learn most of what I need from them. What about us listening to our body?

Are you ever super tired, but you stay up and watch more Netflix? Are you ever hungry but too busy to stop your work and fuel up? These are a few examples of the body screaming at us for attention.

What about discomfort in the body? Perhaps the body is asking for attention or help?
When we are gentle and compassionate to the body we give good food and fluids, we move it consciously, we rest it with sleep and we love it!

If you are uncertain ask yourself: how would my stomach feel if I: don’t sleep well, eat a lot of sugar, drink too much alcohol, sit at my desk nonstop? Gut feeling, Right?

The gut has not learned to doubt itself! We on the other hand, we start losing trust in ourself. We second guess if we ate something wrong or did an activity wrong? Why are we drawn to negative thoughts?

Ask yourself: how is my body feeling? Is it angry and tight? Is is in pain and discomfort?
Try breathing into a yucky area.

Close your eyes and send love to your body: begin with the feet and work your way up to the head. Spend a few more deeper breaths in areas that need a little more love!

Here are a few messages you can repeat to yourself:
1. I will regularly pause to love my body.
2. I will move my body consciously everyday.
3. I will eat regular healthy meals with awareness.
4. I will give my body the rest it needs.

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