You have gone away for the holidays. Isolating with your family, close pod or recharging alone. (I am already jealous, lol). You need to know what to bring in your getaway bag just in case that flare comes on.
Here are a few ideas you can toss in the bag or make once you are at destination.
Small air filled ball: these can be used for myofascial release or connecting to body parts with your breath. These types of balls can also be used for abdominal massage bc you want to avoid #constipation.
Rolled up towel: this can be used to lay on the upper back or sacrum for quieting the nervous system.
Download your favorite app for meditation: I use insight timer. Lots of guided meditations to follow and again perfect for quieting the nervous system and getting connected to the breath.
Pelvic wand or 1 dilator: if you already are familiar with their use or have time to learn before the getaway, your wand/dilator can be an easy stretch for spasm, but keep it super gentle while away!
Hydrate: make sure to get enough fluids before and during your trip. We tend to fall off our daily routine of eating, exercise and drinking. Make sure to keep well hydrated.
Exercise: find a few minutes to do your home program. Even if it is only 10 minutes.
Cushion: for a long car ride and if sitting can be a concern, find a great pelvic health cushion.
Pretty view: find a place with great things to see and walk. Movement, even during most flares, will let blood flow, and pain to ease.
Ice/heat: small ice packs or heating pads are easily tossed into your bag.
Salve (like vmagic), coconut oil or similar for the areas that get irritated.
Many ideas and “tools” can be placed into your bag. But honestly, your breath, head space, books or music you love, pretty views and safe conversations are all good “tools” too!
And remember, have a good time! Focus on the meaning of the vacation and less on what may have gone wrong to cause a flare!
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