When I was in college, I had a roommate in my last 2 years who was very active. She walked daily and went to the gym on a regular basis.  She would ask if I wanted to join, but I would gently say, no.  I played tennis and lacrosse in high school and I was a descent player, but I admit I was lazy.  I hated to run and I didn’t push myself.

For some reason, when I left college and moved home, I decided to work out at the local gym.  I was surprised I enjoyed it.  But it was not until I was in my late 30s that I began to workout “hard.”  I started to run and did my first 5k when I was 40.  Since then I have mastered my 5ks and have moved onto obstacle course races (Spartan).  I enjoy yoga, HIIT and Boot camp type classes, I run on treadmills and outdoors. I enjoy hiking and I even mow the lawn to increase my steps.

Nutrition was never my strongest point growing up.  I thought Entemmann’s donuts and diet coke were part of a balanced meal.  In college, I though being a vegetarian was eating Progresso bean and vegetable soup (which by the way have beef or chicken broth). Luckily, that has also changed. My knowledge and practice is so different now, but I admit I still have sugar likings and late night snacking habits.

How did I convert from lazy, unmotivated (physically), junk food eater?  Education played a large role. But putting it into action made the most change.  About 5 years ago, a colleague introduced me to Whole30.  I am not here to convince you of a program, but my experience.  After my 30 days I continued to follow this program as I felt great and I lost needed weight.  It was also the time I began training for 5ks and saw my change there. I became intrigued again with cooking and using fresh foods not just boxed and canned.

If you asked me when I was in high school or college, how willing are you to make a change, my answer would have been 2 out of 10.  When my colleague asked me 5 years ago, I was 8-10 out of 10; I made the change.  I had already made a change to my exercise program and more importantly I enjoyed it!

How willing are you to make a change NOW?  What is MOST important to you right now when it comes to your health?  Where do you need help? What challenges do you have right now? Do you have the right resources?

If you are a person between the ages of 30-55 and are looking for some accountability, support and education, I would be happy to be part of that journey.  Are you searching to gain more discipline in health and wellness including physical and nutrition as well as relationships and sex?  My background as a physical therapist and more specifically as a pelvic floor specialist will be more beneficial to this process.  Where are you on that scale of making a change?  What knowledge to start this process do you lack?  Let’s go on this journey together.

Why now?  Well, why not? Times may be a little different and you are feeling some stressors.  This is a perfect time to get yourself in order.  Make the changes you need to gain the goals you envision!

Niva Herzig is the owner and physical therapist at Core Dynamics Physical Therapy in Englewood, NJ.  She is also certified as a health coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute.  She can be reached by email: niva@pux.pau.mybluehost.me

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